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Making a Difference

The MathScience Innovation Center (MSiC) provides extraordinary educational experiences in science, technology, and mathematics to K-12 students and educators in the metro Richmond, Virginia area, creating enthusiasm, inspiring innovation, and developing skills needed for STEM studies and careers. Annually, over 170,000 students learn STEM and SOL focused lessons both at the Center and in their own classrooms.  Students and parents take advantage of our Saturday and Summer classes and conferences for all grade levels.

​At the MSiC, educators have the opportunity to explore STEM topics like nanoscience, fractals, and engineering, in addition to courses focused on inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning.  MSiC's staff works with up to 3,000 educators throughout the RVA area every year to build their capacity to make STEM topics come alive and be interesting and relevant to their students through hands-on workshops, conferences, Fellows programs, and short courses taught in collaboration with universities on campus and in the field. If you can't come to us, we can come to you!  The Center also has a strong distance learning initiative and over one million visitors access these programs annually through web-based courses and video-conferencing. 


Summer 2022 Schedule Coming Soon!

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