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The MathScience Innovation Center (MSiC) provides extraordinary educational experiences in science, technology, and mathematics to K-12 students and educators in the metro Richmond, Virginia area, creating enthusiasm, inspiring innovation, and developing skills needed for STEM studies and careers. We offer lessons in chemistry, biology, environmental sustainability, nanoscience, math concepts, fractals, engineering, and much more! Our Saturday and Summer classes, camps, and conferences offer innovative STEM learning for all grade levels.

The MSiC offers inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning for professionals in education. We build their capacity to make STEM topics come alive and be interesting and relevant to their students through hands-on workshops, conferences, Fellows programs, and short courses taught in collaboration with universities on campus and in the field.

About | Meet Our Director



Dr. Hollee Freeman has been an educator for 30 years in both the Northeast and South, serving as a classroom teacher, district math coach, curriculum writer, researcher, teacher trainer, professor and executive director of a regional STEM center. She has been on the forefront of the educational reform movement through her work with both local and national organizations including the Boston Teacher Residency, Urban Teacher Residency United, National Board for Professional Teaching and TERC. 

Dr. Freeman has authored numerous educational texts, articles and book chapters that have received national and international attention. Her academic interests focus on educational leadership, accessibility in STEM for under-represented groups, mentoring/teacher training, educational equity, communities of practice. Her most recent work centers around millennial teachers of color and their quest for community and family engagement in out-of-school time STEM projects. 

Dr. Freeman is well-versed in research and policy, and was awarded the 2018 Servant Leader Award from Leadership Metro Richmond. She presents at conferences regularly and was a TEDxRVA speaker in 2018. Dr. Freeman was also a member of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leaders. 


In her spare time, Dr. Freeman volunteers on several boards and with many community organizations including The Virginia Space Grant Consortium, The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, The Richmond Public Library Foundation, BridgePark RVA, ArtSpace and the Afrikana Independent Film Festival.


The MSiC has an extensive network of regional instructors and educators ready to deliver lessons, lead classes, develop curricula, and otherwise help us advance STEM learning in the Richmond area and beyond. These professionals are classroom teachers, school administrators, professionals in STEM fields, college students and recent graduates, small business owners, hobbyists, and people who can simply "geek out" over a specific STEM topic.


As amazing as our team is, we're always looking for passionate people within our community with the skill set and availability to help us meet the growing demand for innovative STEM programs from the MSiC. 

Currently, the MSiC is interested in contracting for following position(s):



Sounds like you? Complete this survey and our STEM Program Manager will contact you shortly to discuss our opportunities.


The MSiC is supported by a team of engaged volunteers who perform a number of administrative and program-related tasks and duties. Currently, the MSiC is interested in a volunteer for the following position(s):


To apply to volunteer with us, complete this survey and our STEM Program Manager will contact you shortly.

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