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*Making a Difference*


The MathScience Innovation Center (MSiC) is dedicated to providing exceptional educational experiences in science, technology, and mathematics for K-12 students and educators in the metro Richmond, Virginia area. Our mission is to ignite enthusiasm, inspire innovation, and cultivate the essential skills required for success in STEM studies and careers.


Every year, we impact the lives of  students and adults by offering STEM and SOL-focused lessons, both within our Center and in the classrooms of local schools. We understand the importance of providing opportunities for students and adultss alike to engage with STEM education through our Saturday and Summer classes and conferences designed for all grade levels.


At MSiC, we go beyond traditional education by empowering educators to explore advanced STEM subjects, such as nanoscience, fractals, and engineering. Our courses emphasize inquiry-based teaching and learning methodologies, and we actively collaborate with K-20 educators throughout the Richmond (RVA) area each year. We aim to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to make STEM subjects come alive, making them interesting and relevant to their students through hands-on workshops, conferences, Fellows programs, and short courses, both on-campus and in the field.


In addition to face-to-face classes,  MSiC boasts a robust distance learning initiative. 

*2023 Offerings*


As we move beyond the challenges posed by the pandemic, we are excited to introduce our revamped 2023 offerings, a combination of virtual and in-person events and workshops. Starting in Fall 2023, we will be providing:


**1. Monthly Virtual STEM Club (September - December):**

   - Our virtual STEM club offers an engaging and interactive platform for elementary and middle school students. Each month, students will have the opportunity to explore exciting STEM topics, participate in hands-on activities, and connect with like-minded peers from the comfort of their own homes.


**2. Monthly In-Person STEM Workshops (September - December):**

   - For those who prefer in-person experiences, we are thrilled to offer monthly STEM workshops at our Center. These workshops provide a hands-on, immersive learning environment, allowing students to delve deeper into STEM concepts and unleash their creativity.


For more information and to register for these new Fall classes, please click [here](insert registration link). These programs are specifically designed to cater to the needs and interests of elementary and middle school students.


We are committed to continuing our journey of inspiring and empowering the next generation of STEM leaders. Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to the exciting year ahead.

About | Meet Our Director



Hollee Freeman, PhD, is an award-winning and nationally certified educator who has worked for over three decades in K-12 schools, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and in administration. She is also an author, photographer, and beekeeper who uses her creative and professional endeavors to create space and cultivate learning experiences for adults and students.

Dr. Freeman develops curricula, delivers keynote speeches, and conducts educational workshops. Her academic work has been featured in books, podcasts and in articles focusing on educational reform, teaching practices, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 


Dr. Freeman is a self-published author of four children’s books, and, for the Boston Public Schools, she has written fifteen nonfiction readers. She has also developed customized curricula for businesses, schools, and educational organizations.

Dr. Freeman has shared her work around creating space for learning in STEM contexts as a TEDx speaker and as a filmmaker. She is the owner and operator of Freeman Educational & Business Consulting LLC, Hollee Freeman Photography, and the Hollee Freeman Foundation. Dr. Freeman is also the co-curator of City Bees RVA, an ecological and experienced-based program focused on environmental sustainability and honeybees.


The MSiC has an extensive network of regional instructors and educators ready to deliver lessons, lead classes, develop curricula, and otherwise help us advance STEM learning in the Richmond area and beyond. These professionals are classroom teachers, school administrators, professionals in STEM fields, college students and recent graduates, small business owners, hobbyists, and people who can simply "geek out" over a specific STEM topic.


As amazing as our team is, we're always looking for passionate people within our community with the skill set and availability to help us meet the growing demand for innovative STEM programs from the MSiC. 

Currently, the MSiC is interested in contracting for following position(s):



Sounds like you? Contact our STEM Program Manager at to discuss our opportunities.


The MSiC is supported by a team of engaged volunteers who perform a number of administrative and program-related tasks and duties. Currently, the MSiC is interested in a volunteer for the following position(s):


Interested? Contact our STEM Program Manager at​ to discuss our opportunities.


The MSiC partners with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, businesses, and individuals.


Our partners provide instructors and space for programming, in-kind donations, volunteers, and other resources in support of our mission.


If you are interested in partnering with the MSiC , contact our STEM Program Manager at


The MSiC is grateful for its supporters who help us provide innovative, STEM-based learning for K-12 students, and professional development for educators.


If you, your family, your school, your company, or your organization would like to make a one-time or ongoing donation to the MSiC, click here.


To make an in-kind donation such as classroom space, equipment, branded swag, etc., contact our STEM Program Manager at

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