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50th Anniversary Sponsorship

MSIC 50th Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate the MSiC’s 50th anniversary! 

Founded in 1966, Virginia’s MathScience Innovation Center (MSiC) is the oldest Title III project funded under the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 still in existence and is the model of regional collaboration with continuous local funding since 1969. Furthermore, the MSiC is one of the few places where students and teachers work collaboratively on engaging, relevant, and work-force related Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math content irrespective of socio-economic status, geography or prior experiences. It is a place where everyone can come to teach and learn.

April 29, 2017
6:30pm - 9:30pm at the MSiC Campus
2401 Hartman Street
Richmond, Va. 23223

Proceeds from ticket sales and room sponsorships will help provide technology upgrades needed to support and improve our highly engaging and workforce focused programs. Tickets are just $25 per person or $40 per couple. Details for sponsorships is located further down on this page.

At the event:
  • Witness the unveiling of our newest resource, Science on a Sphere® (on a two-year loan from NASA), an educational tool to help illustrate Earth System science to students of all ages!
  • Immerse yourself in STEM experiences in our themed rooms.
  • Silent auction
  • Food and refreshments
  • Business casual attire 

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Pt Sponsor (Platinum) $5,000 donation.
Donors receive a full page ad in the souvenir book, advertising on the (6ft in diameter) Science On a Sphere®, room sponsor for the evening, a corporate mission in the Challenger Learning Center for 30 people, and 8 tickets to the celebration.
Au Sponsor (Gold) $2,500 donation. 1/2 page ad in the souvenir book and 6 tickets to the celebration.
Ag Sponsor (Silver) $1,000 donation. 1/4 page ad in our souvenir book and 4 tickets to the celebration.
Choice Sponsor $500 donation. 1/4 page ad in our souvenir book and 2 tickets.
Friend of the MSiC $100 donation.
1/8 page ad in our souvenir book and 2 tickets.

Pond Room:
Students examine vertebrate and invertebrate specimens along with water quality from our pond area. Analyzing this data with data from our mesocasm, land and trees, students will determine the health of our pond ecosystem.

Extreme Science Lab: (formerly Chem Lab) This multifunctional space is conducive to igniting the imagination, creativity, teamwork, and fabrication of products from ideas. 3D printers hum in this room, makers make, and creators create.

Spider Room: Students observe live arachnids, explore the geometry of webs, get hands-on with the spiders, and even personally experience a simulated molting experience.

Physics Room: (Kicking it with Newton) Friction, forces, mass, gravity, and the laws of motion come together as students pull, push, flick, and kick their way to a deeper understanding of the laws that govern how things move.

Challenger Center Richmond: Students experience an amazing space exploration simulation for an unforgettable learning experience! While working in Mission Control and the Space Station, students become astronauts and researchers, sharing the thrill of discovery in space and using their critical thinking and problem-solving skills to successfully complete their mission.

Aquarium: The 20,000 gallon aquaria represents the six different aquatic environments in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and allows students to explore the relationships amongst species of animals and plants. The Touch Tank has a variety of live aquatic specimens for hands-on reinforcement of these concepts.

Computer Science: (Innovation Station) Starting with an introduction to simple machine design students quickly move into compound machine constructs by understanding and using motors, gears, and sensors controlled through their own visual programming code using the LEGO Education WeDo® software.

Fractal Room: Using math skills and knowledge students explore the exciting world of fractal geometry. During the trip to various “fractal islands”, students explore different contexts observed in nature, rivers, nerves and blood vessels, and even music!

Mystery Cargo: Time to clean up the bay! To do so students will analyze real-time data, conduct scientific experiments, identify unknown substances, test water salinity, and use GIS wind speed data, air and water temperature.

Weather Emergency Operations Center: Students find it takes teamwork and instant weather data from the Weather Emergency Operations Center, the Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ), as well as the Center’s Automated Weather Service instruments to track a storm and alert the community.

About the MSiC Foundation Board

Advancing Knowledge Through Partnerships

As a result of a case study of inter-jurisdictional cooperation in education by the Richmond First Club, the Mathematics & Science Center Foundation was formed in 1989. Their mission is Advancing Knowledge Through Partnerships. The purpose of the Foundation is to solicit corporate, foundation, and private contributions to supplement the Center’s annual funding by the member school divisions. The Center and Foundation updated their names and logo in 2007, becoming the MathScience Innovation Center and its Foundation. In particular, the MSiC Foundation, a 501(c)(3), seeks to promote the advancement and further the aims and purposes of the Center, through the development and application of financial resources to the programs of the Center and through such other activities as are suited to that end. The Foundation was set up to accept, administer, apply and use property acquired by gift, grant, devise, bequest or otherwise in accordance with any of the purposes and objects of the Foundation that may be specified by the donor of any such property.

Funding has enabled major additions in infrastructure that enhance educational STEM opportunities for both professional development for Central Virginia educators and students.



Leo O. "Buddy" Whitlow
Virginia Asset Management

Vice President

Maurice A. Henderson
Adnet for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center



Douglas Urquhart
Meadows, Urquhart, Acree & Cook, CPA's



Chris Cheatham
ABS Technology


Dr. Hollee Freeman
MathScience Innovation Center

Sterling W. Hening
Capital One

Richard Jupe
Altria Client Services

Samuel J. Kaufman
Owen & Owens PLC

Dr. Bruce K. Rubin
Virginia Commonwealth University, Children’s Hospital

Alex Tulchinsky

Foundation Board Presidents


2016- Leo O. "Buddy" Whitlow

2014-2016 Samuel J. Kaufman

2011-2014 Ellen Dukette

2009-2011 Donna Wirick

2007-2009 Tom McCormick

2005-2007 Rick Gambriel

2003-2005 W. Douglas Moran

1999-2003 Steve Yob

1995-1999 Michael E. Fiore

1991-1995 James DePasquale
1989-1991 Charles Shimer




Aaron Moody

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