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Three Saturdays filled with discovery and challenges! 

calendar146 Two locations: MSiC Campus or Manchester Middle School

Choose one class to meet on three consecutive Saturdays: May 6, 13, and 20, 2017 from 9:00am to 2:00pm


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  • discoverers lego
  • discoverers teacher students
  • discoverers microscopes
  • discoverers lizard
  • discoverers girl electric motor
  • discoverers computer girls
  • discoverers chemistry

Program Overview

The Discoverers 4-5 Program allows students to take a more in-depth look at science, technology, and mathematics topics. Fourth and fifth grade students select the course that piques their interest and attend this course for three consecutive Saturdays. All courses include inquiry-based “hands-on, minds-on” problem solving.  In addition, courses often have guest speakers, field trips, and/or design-and-build stations built into students’ experiences. Students will experiment, explore and discover how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fit into the world around them! The one thing common is that all the courses are fun!


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Register online or complete the mail-in registration form found on the program flyer.  Account creation instructions

$45 registration fee per student.



MSiC Campus Class Descriptions:

Note to Students: Select and register for one class. Your class will meet on the following Saturdays, May 6, 13, and 20, 2017.


Block by Block (Minecraft®)

The world of Minecraft is a fun & exciting place to learn and explore.   Experience the world as an engineer as you manipulate the constantly changing Minecraft® environment. Develop survival strategies by making your own shelter and tools. Then share these strategies with your classmates as your creativity and imagination lead you to your own unique product.  Then you industrialize and run your Minecraft® World with power.  See how this all translates to the real world as we take Minecraft® concepts into the lab.

Codes, Ciphers, and Secret Message

Learn code breaking skills and discover the history and science behind the many encoding methods used by organizations and government "spies". Develop your own "book of secrets" or treasure map and explore the world of cryptography from Ottendorf ciphers to invisible inks to microdots. You will use special equipment, including microscopes, GPS and metal detectors, to follow clues and unearth the Secret of the Center. This class includes an off campus field trip.
Engineering for the Future

Engineering for the Future

Can we make it to Mars? What does it take to get there? Using a design-and-build framework, you will make rockets and Martian rovers, experience what astronauts eat in space, and see how close we are to getting to Mars. This class has everything a young engineer needs to help explore The Great Beyond in the 21st century!

Exploring the James

See the James River in a whole new way. Daily trips in and around the river allow you to seek and find a variety of critters living in and around the ecosystem of the longest river in a single state. Test the water quality from different locations then see how water is being cleaned as part of an effort to protect the river. Create your own mini ecosystem to bring it all together. Mud and wetness included.

Image Your World

Discover how to manipulate the reality captured by our digital cameras as some of the secrets of the Adobe Photo Shop are revealed. This professional level graphic imaging program will allow you to create digital and optical illusions that look so real you will amaze your friends and family. Utilize layers, filters, contrast gradients and other techniques to alter reality. Assemble what you have created into your own digital story to take home on a flash drive.

LEGO: Building to Explore

Did you know you can not only build with LEGO building blocks, but you can also program them? Computers are used to program your creation so it can make noise, kick, chomp, and a host of other awesome builds. Working in teams you can construct, test, and problem solve as you hone your LEGO expertise.

Odd Pets: Down and Dirty

Discover the joy and adventure that unusual terrestrial pets can bring to your family. Explore life with snakes, lizards, scorpions and other small creepy crawlies in various locations from your home to the deep woods. Learn how to care for these animals and take at least one animal home with you. This class includes an off-campus field trip.
snapcracklepop chemistry

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

What would it be like to work in a real chemistry lab while you experiment with chemical reactions? Many of the chemistry experiments in this class will be done with items that you have in your kitchen so you can do them at home! You will amaze your friends when you make goo, ice cream and root beer for them. Also, in this class, you will learn how to develop mystery inks to write secret notes to your friends and family. The wonders of chemistry will unfold before your eyes and mouth!
weather storm

The Sky's the Limit

Have you ever thought about being a Meteorologist and seeing yourself on television? Do you love to do cool science experiments? Step into the Weather Emergency Operation Center as we explore the unpredictable science of weather. You will build instruments and conduct exciting experiments that help us understand and make predictions about daily weather conditions. As a junior meteorologist you will use what you learned to create your very own broadcast.
Win Lose or Design

Win, Lose, or Design  NEW

Do you like to play board games? Wouldn’t it be fun to create your own? Board games have been around much longer than computers. In fact game theory is the same with or without a CPU. See how probability, winning, losing, and strategy come together as you learn how games are created. Create your own board game that you can take home with you to play with friends and family.



Manchester Middle School Class Descriptions:

Note to Students: Select and register for one class. Your class will meet on the following Saturdays,May 6, 13, and 20, 2017.


Gaming Galore

Video games have been around a long time. Have you ever wondered how they are created? Using the free coding program, Kodu©, dive into the world of video games and virtual worlds. Create your own game complete with scoring, moving objects, and imaginary worlds. Because it is a free download you can continue creating games long after class has ended.

Power of Pokemon

Who is more powerful...Dialga or Palkia? If you have an answer, then The Power of Pokémon is the class for you! Learn the science behind naming, the math of leveling-up, and the strategy in game creation. You will battle in Pokémon TCG, create your own character, design your own TCG game, and take a field trip to compete in a Pokémon tournament. Pokémon game experience required.




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