Summer Job Openings


 We're Hiring! Apply to be a SUMMER INSTRUCTOR with the MathScience Innovation Center!

 Are you ready to co-teach in an engaging hands-on/virtual two-week summer program with middle school students in the MathScience Innovation Center’s 2021 Summer Regional Governor’s School (SRgGS)? 
If so, apply to be an instructor for our highly-acclaimed CSI: Student Academy class!


In order to solve crimes, it takes the efforts of many individuals. In this class, students will experience the various roles of crime scene investigators, detectives, and forensic scientists and examine how the teamwork of these individuals can exonerate the innocent and convict the guilty. They will become a crime scene investigator, analyze simulated crime scenes, and practice authentic evidence collection procedures. Students will learn about techniques used by forensic specialists such as obtaining and examining latent prints, using serology, DNA, drug analysis and more to determine “whodunnit”. Project work and guest speakers will enhance this fascinating experience!