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STEMtastic November

Virtual Monthly STEM Club
cience of Skincare

Welcome to our world of wonder, where science meets excitement! This November, we're embarking on a journey into the captivating realm of the "Science of Skincare" with STEMtastic Virtual STEM Club.

**Workshop Highlights:**

- **DIY Enchanting Sugar Scrub:** Get hands-on as you craft your very own sugar scrub, unlocking the magic of skincare through chemistry.

- **Fun Learning & Inspiration:** Engage with fellow young scientists in a vibrant virtual environment, fueling your curiosity and sparking creativity.

- **Unlock the Science:** Unravel the mysteries of skincare ingredients, understand their benefits, and become a skincare aficionado.

Join us this November to ignite your passion for science and beauty. It's time to glow and grow together! 

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