Exploring the James (outdoors, in-person)


See the James River through a whole new lens! Field
trips to the river allow you to seek and find a variety of
critters living in and around the ecosystem of the
longest river in a single state. Test the water quality
from different spots, then see how water is cleaned in
an effort to protect the river. Create your own mini
ecosystem to bring it all together. Mud and wetness

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Math Masters I challenges 4th grade students, designated gifted by their school divisions to explore complex mathematical puzzles and engage in problem-solving of real-world situations through a mathematical lens. Using a variety of materials and computer programs, students spend three Saturdays immersed in rigorous mathematics activities. Students will spend a great deal of time working in groups to communicate ideas and share strategies. Students explore the creative side of mathematics as they dive into problems with a different theme each Saturday.

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