I hope that you have enjoyed the start of 2019 school year! For those of you who do not know me, my name is Vonita Giddings; I am the Metro Richmond STEM Fair (MRSF) Director. I am corresponding to let you know that the 2019 MRSF Registration is now open. We have purchased a fair management system called zFairs which necessitates some procedural changes.

Your teachers will need to register before you do. Your teacher's registration will afford you the ability to access your data and will allow the MRSF Team to correspond with you through the management system.

Please go to to begin the registration process; be sure you are the Metro Richmond Screening Fair site.

Instructions: Students - Create an Account

As in the past, two physical copies of each submission need to be turned in to me at the MathScience Innovation Center, 2401 Hartman St, Richmond, VA 23223.

  • Junior Division (7th - 8th grade) submissions are due to me by 1/18/19 at 5:00 PM
  • Senior Division (9th-12th grade) submissions are due to me by 1/25/19 at 5:00 PM

Please click on Student Guide for directions on how to prepare your packets for submission.

Thank you for submitting to the Metro Richmond STEM Fair.

Best regards,
Vonita Giddings