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Math, science, and art come together in this creative conference to find innovative ways to understand and describe the world around us. Discover how to express and explain nature through different media, including archaeology, fractal patterns, music, paper making, plant pigments, and much more!All participants will create an origami microscope called a Foldscope® to visualize the microscopic world!



Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Location: MathScience Innovation Center, 2401 Hartman Street, Richmond, VA 23223
Cost: $20 per student for materials
Transportation: Buses will be available
Lunch: Provided for all students

For additional information, please contact the MathScience Innovation Center at (804)343-6525

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Art Lab:  Art as Investigation: Medical Illustrations
Art and investigation can be used to learn about anything in nature or medicine. Students will get to handle and dissect a real pig heart (very similar to a human heart),
Investigate by asking questions, and drawing the heart to understand the structure and how it works.  


The Art of Papermaking
Have you ever wondered where paper comes from or how it is made?  People have been making it for thousands of years.  Come to learn the ancient art of papermaking so you can make your own.


Beauty In Geometry
What do seashells, honeycombs, and snowflakes have in common? Explore geometry in nature by using a computer program called Sketchup to create amazing fractal patterns.  Come to explore the beauty in nature and the mathematical structure that makes it possible!


Light the Music
Light the Music is an RVA based company that is changing how we learn and play music. In their innovative app called "ORO Visual Music," you can easily create music by playing with graphics that represent sounds. Using the app, we'll explore the physics of sound, the architecture of a pop song, the art of UI/UX design... and we'll make music! 


Nature’s Coloring:  Plant Pigments
Did you know that plants can be used for clothing?  The wide range of pigments in plants can be used to give fabrics an amazing color palette.  Participants will discover the fascinating intersection of art and science by exploring the world of beautiful plant colors on fabric utilizing the ancient art and science of dyeing. 


Trash or Treasure? 
Discovering the Past Through Archeology
You don't have to travel to Egypt to do archaeology because 
Virginia is full of fascinating sites to explore. Come to learn how to locate buried sites, excavate them, and analyze the results to solve mysteries about the many different types of people who came before us. Study old maps, get your hands wet washing real artifacts, cataloging your finds, and dating them. By the time we're done, we guarantee you'll dig archaeology! 


Origami Innovations:  More Than Just Paper Folding
Innovations in origami surged in the 20th century and continue today. New developments in paper folding stand at the intersection of art, science, and engineering. The session will begin with a brief history of origami, exhibit new origami art and technology, and conclude with some paper folding. 

art future

Art of the Future
Come paint and create your masterpiece using coding. Participants will take a deep dive into coding Spheros in various challenges. 100% FUN guaranteed!